Hello I’m Anne! I am a Hunterdon County NJ Motherhood & Family Photographer and I absolutely adore photographing my amazing clients! My days are often full of chaos as a mom, wife, business partner and entrepreneur. Our household is always buzzing with kids and dogs running around making wonderful memories. Most days, I work alongside my husband, Charlie in his plumbing business Hunterdon Plumbing & Heating Services LLC. Building my photography business is an absolute dream come true. There is lots of coffee and some wine/cocktails along the way. Yet, we find a balance. I can’t wait to share my story with you!

The Beginning

I picked up photography at a very young age. Disposable film cameras were my treasured possession. I could taste the excitement as I would drop off a handful at a time to be developed. My senior year in High School, my world changed, I lost two of the most important people in my life within a two week time span. My grandparents taught me to find joy above anything else.

As a result of loosing my grandparents, Golden Heart Photography began its journey that day. I changed my major from Marine Biology to Photography (only two schools were left to choose from). As a result, I studied Photography at Drexel University in Philadelphia and added a second major in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Over my four years at Drexel, I found pure joy and passion in learning to develop my photography skills. However, I constantly was navigating many challenges from professors that tried to steer us away from portraiture for clients.

Finding Joy

In 2010 Golden Heart Photography got its name. Little known fact, the name for my photography business is based on a treasured locket my grandparents gave me. This locket is lost; however, they live on with the business every day and in every decision I make. Originally, my dream was wedding photography. I photographed over 420 weddings, but one day I realized they didn’t quite spark JOY.

The Making of Golden Heart Photography | Meet Anne Haug | Hunterdon County NJ Motherhood & Family Photographer

Eventually, life became even more busy with the addition of our daughter, Scarlett in 2018. Between juggling her and her brothers, I no longer wanted to be away from the family all weekend. I took on my first few Motherhood & Family clients hesitantly and a ball of nerves. Sure enough there it was, that pure JOY that I felt as a kid behind a camera. Photographing families and kids felt natural and comfortable. In 2019, I started the process that you are a part of now. Designing and launching the full rebrand of Golden Heart Photography. Over the past three years, I have found so much joy in serving my Golden Heart Families. I am so thankful to get to be a part of your beautiful memories.

My favorite part about photography is documenting the moments in life that mean the most to my clients. Every opportunity I have to photograph a family and create joy for them is truly living the life of my dreams. Being a Hunterdon County NJ Motherhood & Family Photographer means I get to be a part of truly beautiful moments. From Maternity & Motherhood Sessions (maternity, lifestyle newborn and milestone sessions) to Portrait & Family Sessions (first birthday/cake smashes, family sessions, mini sessions and High School seniors) I love being there to help capture those moments so you can cherish them forever. I wholeheartedly believe the phrase “a picture’s worth a thousand words” holds true. I treasure the moments I capture for my clients. Although chaotic, I also make sure we have photographs with our family as well.

I would love the opportunity to serve your family! Fall Mini Sessions will open to VIP list this week and will be at the featured location, Everitt Farms at Pumpkin Junction.

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  1. Alyse says:

    Love seeing you share your story, and have cherished seeing you grow over the years. Seeing you from your high school years when you first started out, through college, and finding your JOY in shooting motherhood and family photos. I’m so proud of you, and have loved seeing Golden Heart grow and blossom. Keep being your beautiful self, and producing your amazing photos.

    • Anne Haug says:

      Alyse, thank you so much for such kind words! It truly has been a JOURNEY but one of the best ones! I am happy to say I have found my niche in Motherhood & Family photos (even if that was completely unexpected). Thank you so much for your endless support!

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