As a Flemington NJ Family Photographer, one of the biggest questions I get from clients is, “How do I get my kids to cooperate for family photos?” That’s a totally valid question! This question comes up all the time because kids can be… WILD and parents tend to stress. Does this sound like you? I’m here to help!! Below, I’m sharing how to set your kids up for success at your family photo session. Don’t forget to snag my free guide, Top 5 Tips for Photos with Kids this Fall!

toddler poses on mini couch in flower tunnel with Golden Heart Photography by Anne Haug Flemington NJ Photographer

Tips from Flemington NJ Family Photographer

I always recommend that families (especially with small kids) prepare them before the session. Let them know that they are going to get pictures with a photographer and that the photographer has a special big camera to capture their extra big smiles. Take time to talk about the big camera often and make it not scary by relating it to the camera on mom/dad’s phone. Take their picture and show them (I do this on the camera at the beginning of session if I sense they need it). Plan out your outfits early and provide any more difficult members of the family (toddlers) with a few options that you would be happy with. They are always so proud when they get to pick out what they wear for photos.

Keep if Fun

The most important rule at a session is to keep it fun. As a photographer, I have seen it all! As a busy mom myself, I have been embarrassed my my child’s behavior more than once. However, we all want to avoid a meltdown. I make tons of faces & noises, play games and give the little kids “big important jobs”. Trust the process, even with the toughest of kids we get gems for your family to treasure. Remember, you are looking to capture this season of life for your family, sometimes that’s a little messy! (and that is OKAY!). We follow the lead of the little ones as needed and we have a ton of laughs along the way.

Bring the Bribes

Sometimes we pull out all the stops and do all the things right and still meltdowns start to show up. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to bring a bribe that your kids like! There are a few things to keep in mind. First, DON’T TELL them that you are bringing bribes. This will shoot you in the foot before we even get started. Second, please bring something with as little mess as possible (MINI MARSHMALLOWS WORK AMAZING). Avoid chocolate, colored candies, lollipops, etc. For bigger kids a special treat for after the session works for some. I am not above trading a bribe for a smile!

How to Get Your Kids to Cooperate for Family Photos | Flemington NJ Family Photographer | Golden Heart Photography

I hope this was helpful for you! If you’d like for me to capture your Fall Family memories, I’d love for you to contact me HERE!

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