As a Flemington NJ family photographer, one thing I would like all of the busy moms to know is that your family photos matter. I know often times we are so busy in parenthood (doing all the things for everyone). It is so easy to get wrapped up in the chaos and then one day you blink and realize you can’t get that time back. Does this sound like you? (I know this is where I have been, even as a photographer myself). It is so easy to just snap pictures of the kids and move along with our day. Then one day, you realize there are no pictures with YOU in them, no FAMILY photos. I’m here to help!! Below, I’m sharing why family photos matter.

Why Family Photos Matter | Flemington NJ Family Photographer | Golden Heart Photography

Moments Frozen in Time

A photo where everyone is actually smiling at the camera? Such a win. But if you’re here, you also know that the most precious images go deeper. They capture the heart of your family—the way you laugh, play, love, comfort. They’re tiny slivers of time that are preserved forever. Through our time together during your session we will capture this love that is genuine and unique to your family. I can’t wait to laugh and make memories with your family along the way.

This is the time you’ll always want to remember. The moments you are sure will never end, but then suddenly they do. Long after they’ve grown, your photos become a window into your memories. Of little toes and little voices, big emotions and big joy. It’s chaotic, yeah, but it’s a whole lot more too.

Your Kids Want to See YOU

If you have ever tried to explain to a toddler why they aren’t in a picture with you (from before when they were born) you will know how deep their desire to be in the photographs with you is. YOU are their world, their calm in the chaos of the world and they want to see that bond. There is nothing more powerful than a little one seeing themself in a family photo that has been printed. Nothing compares to their sense of pride in being your family.

I know it may feel like a lot to organize getting in the photos with your kids. I want to make this as easy as I can for you. All of my sessions receive a client experience guide with helpful tips on what to wear for all members of the family (BONUS on full sessions busy mamas get access to the Golden Heart Mamas Client Closet). I also have referrals for hair and makeup locally if you feel overwhelmed with getting yourself ready. Personally, getting my hair done makes it so much easier for me to get everyone ready for our family photos. I will help you create the best experience for YOU!

The Future

Take a moment and picture yourself years from now, surrounded by grandchildren. You pull out beautiful prints or an heirloom album that display your family at a moment in time when their parents were their age. The magic comes alive. When you print your images or create a timeless album with them you are preserving these amazing moments instead of them living inside your phone to get buried in the camera roll. I love working with clients to design heirloom albums or wall art displays that their family will enjoy both now and for many years to come. Your family’s story is BEAUTIFUL and deserves to be the showcase in your home.

Why Family Photos Matter | Flemington NJ Family Photographer | Golden Heart Photography

I hope this was helpful for you! If you’d like for me to capture your family memories, I’d love for you to contact me HERE!

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