This Mommy & Me Session was an absolute dream! What can be better than getting to spend some time with a beautiful mom and her wonderful kids at a Mommy & Me Session! We shared so many laughs along the way. Capturing these precious moments sparked so much JOY.

This Mommy & Me session has been a long time dream come true.

I was planning every aspect of this from the set to the client wardrobe for moms for so long. I passionately believe that every mom deserves to capture this love with their little ones. The relationship between mother and child is beautiful and I am honored to preserve it in these timeless images. Every mom is beautiful and I want to share this special gift of time with you.

These little ones are adorable, savage at times, yet adorable. Kids will be kids and it’s my job to capture some precious gems along the way. Don’t be afraid of them not being well behaved, we will have so much fun. I provide you with recommendations for sessions with your kids. (We are not above bribes!) As a mom myself, I understand the fear of how the kids act but there is so much beauty to be captured! This session sparked so much joy and these beautiful images show just that!

These seasons are short!

To book your own Mommy & Me session please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to serve you!

You deserve to be photographed WITH your family!

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mom with two kids hug and smile for picture in studio session during Mommy & Me session in Ringoes, NJ Hunterdon County with Golden Heart Photography
everyone smiles looking at the camera during Mommy & Me session in Ringoes, NJ Hunterdon County with Golden Heart Photography
  1. Jenn says:

    So sweet! I love Mommy and Me sessions. Great advice about letting kids be kids and trusting you to capture photos that tell the story of who they are!

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