The Holiday season is a time to reflect on the year wrapping up, as voted one of the Best Family Photographers NJ I have much I am thankful for. This year, I have been thinking about this letter since the beginning of my fall mini session season. I have been overwhelmed with JOY and gratitude for the wonderful families I have been able to serve this year. This is an open letter to all of the beautiful mamas and families I had the joy of spending time getting to know and photograph this year.

To my families,

I can’t even begin to describe the gratitude that I have for you. I am truly thankful for each of you for bringing me into your families to capture memories that you will treasure. From the quiet moments of beautiful anticipation of a baby to come. To the loud and chaotic stage of toddlerhood. There has not been a minute immersed in your families that I didn’t feel the joy, love and connection you share. Even the meltdown moments help keep me grounded in the fact that none of us are in this alone.

It’s in the smallest moments we share that bring the most joy and remind me that I am doing what I absolutely LOVE, being one of the best family photographers NJ.

Your sessions are more than just your final images that you share with friends and family. These sessions are real, living and oh so wonderful memories that you get to live in when you reflect on the session. When you see the images hanging on your walls I hope it sparks JOY. I get to see all the silly noises and attempted jokes that Dad makes to get the smiles that are ear to ear. One of my favorite moments is getting to see the calm in the storm that you provide to your children when they need you most. I get to see the hugs and kisses that are just so pure and make the best images. I get to see and hear your kids reactions to seeing mom and dad getting their pictures together.

To the families that I served in the past and returned,

I love being a part of your family as it changes and the little ones continue to grow. Each time I photograph your little ones their personalities seem to grow. Often, the once shy little one is now a big kid eager for their solo photos. The littlest faces among you may not remember me, but I will always have a spot in my heart for them! Thanks to social media I get to be a part of many of your lives throughout the year and stay connected. The holiday cards that are sent to me bring tears of joy to my eyes. I love serving you multiple times as the years go on because I get to see YOU and your family again. From milestones to various mini-sessions and family sessions – I love any opportunity to serve you and grow our relationship.

To the families I met for the first time,

Thank you for trusting me with your memories. I know it is a big decision, especially to change photographers. Therefore, it means so much to me that you saw my work, fell in love and booked with me. The connection I feel with my clients is instant and I look forward to working with you in the year ahead. I am so glad to have you as the Golden Heart Family’s newest members. This year I have met so many wonderful families as voted one of the best family photographers NJ. I count each one of you as something to be immensely thankful for.

All of You

YOU are the reason I am excited to head to a session. YOU are the reason why I happily have no voice left after a full day of mini sessions. The hours I spend working are SO incredibly worth it. YOU fill my heart and spark my JOY. Thank you for sharing your memories and family. Thank you, for valuing the here and now, even the beauty in chaos at this season of your life. I am deeply appreciative that you choose to share the love and connection you feel as a family so deeply and purely. Thank you for being you. On the hard days or late nights I hope I gave you something precious to remember.

I hope you have the most wonderful Holiday Season, no matter what you celebrate!

Warmest wishes for your beautiful family.


An Open Letter To My Families | Best Family Photographers NJ | Golden Heart Photography

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