One of the biggest questions I get from clients as a family photographer and serving clients for Maternity Photography Central NJ, “How do I choose what to wear to my session?” That’s a totally valid question! If you are a first time mama, you have not had to dress for maternity pictures before and want to feel confident and radiant. If you are a repeat mama, maybe you found this hard the first time around or it stopped you from getting photos done. Even as a mama with babies, toddlers, or older kids planning a family session … I know it is easy to overlook getting yourself ready! Does this sound like you? I’m here to help!! Below, I’m sharing all about my client wardrobe for busy mamas just like you. Don’t forget to snag my free guide, Top Five Tips for Photos with Kids!

What is the Golden Heart Mama Client Wardrobe | Maternity Photography Central NJ | Golden Heart Photography

Curated Wardrobe

You’re a mom. Which means you planned out everyone else’s adorable outfits. Then you realize your own is in the wash (or you completely forgot about yourself)! I have been there! We are the coordinators of the chaos. This is why I offer a client wardrobe for family and maternity sessions just for busy moms like you. The clothes I offer are photo-ready and will make you look like that radiant mama I see shining through from the inside. I am constantly keeping my eyes open for opportunities to make the photo session process as easy as I can for you. Most of the client wardrobe is neutral tones which will blend seamlessly into whatever you have chosen for your family. I do have pops of color and lots of gorgeous flowing dresses. Together, let’s create that soft beauty that is being your kids calm in the storm.


Most of the dresses in the Golden Heart Mama Client Wardrobe are size-flexible. Therefore, the dresses are designed to be flattering for a variety of sizes (including bump-appropriate). I do have some set size dresses. However, I do try my best to keep things as flexible as possible to give my busy moms like you the most options to wear something they glow in! Most of all, my heart is set on providing a client wardrobe that creates options for you beyond your existing wardrobe. I want you to feel as radiant as you look, you deserve it.

Want to purchase a dress?

Lastly, if you have your heart set on a specific dress that you want to purchase let me know. From time to time, I will offer a buy back on your dress if I feel it will fill a need in my client wardrobe. Also, if borrowing a dress from the client wardrobe isn’t for you; I have a list of recommended shops that offer beautiful dresses that are timeless and lend themselves well to being photographed. Whatever makes the experience easier for you, I am here to make this the best experience possible.

I can’t wait for YOU to be in the photos with your family!

What is the Golden Heart Mama Client Wardrobe | Maternity Photography Central NJ | Golden Heart Photography

I hope this was helpful for you! If you’d like for me to capture your maternity or family memories, I’d love for you to contact me HERE!

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