One of the biggest questions I get from clients looking for a photographer for extended family NJ is, “How is an extended family session different?” That’s a totally valid question! These sessions are different from a session with just your immediate family. Often times the person booking it may feel a little overwhelmed and anxious. Does this sound like you? I’m here to help!! Below, I’m sharing some practical advise to help you coordinate your extended family session and help it feel more natural.

Let’s start with what this session is. An extended family session is one where we photograph more than just a single household family. Sometimes that is grown siblings and their families, other times its adult children with spouses and parents, sometimes it’s grandparents with their children and grandchildren. Any combination, these sessions have one big thing in common: they involve more people and more relationship dynamics. These sessions are always so fun and a lot of the time these are when family gets together for the first time after extended time away. Below are some tips for making this as fun and enjoyable as a normal family session!

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Tips for Your Extended Family Session | Photographer for Extended Family NJ | Golden Heart Photography


Your outfit choices are so important and this becomes more important with the additional family members being photographed together. Outfit coordination is KEY! When you are all in the large group images together, I want you to LOVE how everyone looks together and what this image looks like! I want to make sure that there is no crazy clashing colors and patterns and that your family flows together well with your session location and avoid the “matchy-matchy” feel. I recommend choosing 2-3 colors that complement each other (I can help you with some direction on this) and send those out to the whole family. That way, you should have a blend of colors that work well compositionally and lead to gorgeous photos of these fond memories.


First, I can’t stress this point enough but communication is key! I will be communicating frequently with you and I will need you to pass along important information to family. We want to make sure that ALL FAMILIES involved in the extended session get the images they will cherish. I always get each individual family alone, the families together, all the kids, etc.

If there are any special images your family is hoping for I will need to know! I want you to have them! There is a question in the questionnaire that you can put any images your family is looking for. I do suggest reaching out to family members so that you can make sure we have those there. As long as it is on the list, I will get the pictures you are looking for! You will receive emails from me before the session about all the details; it is on you to let the whole family know the date, time and location as well as any other details! I also ask that you communicate any color scheme information to family as soon as possible and if you need help wording that let me know!


Extended family sessions can feel a little chaotic, that’s to be expected. I appreciate your patience as I take the time to carefully pose your families. Please know that while it may take a few extra moments between shots the images you receive will be more than worth it! I love capturing memories for your beautiful families. I will do my best to be as personal as possible when interacting with your large family, but it is A LOT of names and faces so please help me out with that if you can. Enjoy your family and let any stress melt away. (I used to be a wedding photographer before I became part of the New Jersey Family Photographers so your large families don’t phase me!)

Tips for Your Extended Family Session | Photographer for Extended Family NJ | Golden Heart Photography

I hope this was helpful for you in your search for New Jersey Family Photographers! If you’d like for me to capture your extended family memories, I’d love for you to contact me HERE!

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