I love dogs! I know that your dogs are part of the family and often they were your fur babies before human babies were even a thought! One of the biggest questions I get as a New Jersey family photographer from clients is, “Can I bring my dog(s) to my session?” That’s a totally valid question! Some venues I work with do not allow dogs but I do have lots of dog friendly options for you providing dog photography NJ! I want to capture your whole family, that includes our four-legged furry dog friends! I know there are reasons it can be a challenge and I want to give you some tips for bringing your dog to make it a little easier!

Tips for Bringing Your Dogs to Your Photo Session | Dog Photography NJ | Golden Heart Photography


Remember we bring bribes for the kids, well your dog is just a furry kid! My BIGGEST tip is bring treats. As you are arriving to your session, give your dog lots of love and treats so they are happy and know they are doing what their parent is happy with. Rewarding them is the best way to keep them interested in the session. If your dog is not focused I will hold treats to keep their attention as well. Frequently give your dog the treats throughout the session! Even if it is a mini session we want a happy dog (just like kids!) and treats are the answer.


Help your furry best friend know what you expect by practicing at home! Even just making sure they know how to sit for 30 seconds, this will get them used to sitting still. The treats will hold their attention but they do need to know how to sit. We want to make sure they are looking at the camera too! I will be making noises to attract their attention (yes I will sound pretty silly but that is nothing new) and will hold treats by camera if they are being stubborn. Practicing will help, make sure you practice with rewards so they know good things are coming!!!


Make sure your dog gets lots of love for doing such a good job! Remember they are experiencing new smells, sounds and distractions. They are working hard to make you happy! Get excited for them and cheer them on. Make sure they feel loved and get lots of attention. This will make sure they continue to cooperate.


Please make sure you think carefully about bringing your dog. This is important for your own and your dog’s safety. They will be outside of their normal environment and some dogs don’t like that. I love photographing your furry friends but I don’t want your dog to be stressed. If you have a full session booked, consider bringing an extra set of hands to stay with or take your dog home once they are done (also helpful on minis but we can work around this!). I will always help you make it work by holding little ones as needed so you can switch who is holding a leash. I just can’t hold a leash while photographing… because dogs are strong!!! Sometimes dogs just won’t cooperate and I will do my best to get some images of your family with your dog that you will love!

Tips for Bringing Your Dogs to Your Photo Session | Dog Photography NJ | Golden Heart Photography

I hope this was helpful for you! If you’d like for me to capture your family’s memories, I’d love for you to contact me HERE!

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