As a Flemington Mini Session Photographer, one of the biggest questions I get from clients is, “How can I be best prepared for my mini session?” That’s a totally valid question! This question is so common because a lot of families have never done a mini session before or want to make it the best experience. Does this sound like you? I’m here to help!! Below, I’m sharing three ways to prepare for your Fall Mini Session. Don’t forget to snag my free guide here, Top FIVE Tips for Photos with Kids This Fall!

Three Ways to Prepare for Your Fall Mini Session | Flemington Mini Session Photographer | Golden Heart Photography

Prepare Early for Your Mini Session

The very best way to prepare for your Fall Mini Session is to start EARLY. Once you book your session, start thinking about outfits. Shortly after booking with me, you will receive the Client Experience Guide and Client Questionnaire. With mini sessions these are especially important as our time together at your session is shorter. This guide will help you best prepare your family. Fully completing the questionnaire will allow me to give your family my best. Before the mini session date I go through the questionnaires and come up with the session flow for your family to capture GENUINE moments and smiles unique to you. Make sure when you get this email you open it and use these amazing resources.

If you need extra help with outfits, I am always willing to be a sounding board.

Give Choices

Little ones tend to have the biggest personalities. While I adore capturing these personalities to treasure, I get it momma they are HARD. In preparing them for the mini session, give them a little bit of control. Have two outfit options that you approve for the session, let them pick. Let them pick a bow or headband or socks and shoes. They want to feel big and important and I guarantee you they will have a sense of pride going into the session if they were involved in the decision to get dressed. During the session, don’t be surprised if I give the little ones some choices or important jobs too!

Keep it Light

Remember, you booked this mini session to capture your beautiful family and preserve memories. Not every moment will feel perfect. These seasons are so short and these little ones with very big feeling will grow. I will jump into games and prompts to get GENUINE images of the beautiful bond your family has. I do not force them to stand perfectly still if they are on the verge of a meltdown. Help me keep the session light and playful. After all, remember… BRING BRIBES!

I hope this was helpful for you! If you’d like for me to capture your family’s memories, I’d love for you to contact me HERE!

Three Ways to Prepare for Your Fall Mini Session | Flemington Mini Session Photographer | Golden Heart Photography

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