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A photo where everyone is actually smiling at the camera? Such a win. But if you’re here, you also know that the most precious images go deeper. They capture the heart of your family—the way you laugh, play, love, comfort. They’re tiny slivers of time that are preserved forever.

Images that
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New Jersey Family Photographer



The beauty of your family is in the connection you share. You deserve photos that capture that connection.

“We had a great experience with Anne from Golden Heart. She was so great with my toddlers; patient, fun, interactive. She managed to capture adorable photos of them despite their sass and not wanting to cooperate in the heat! Not only did the pictures turn out amazing, but she had the gallery edited and completed very quick! I highly recommend Anne for any of your family's photography needs!” 

—Sara and Eric

When the nights are long and the days are hard, your images are there to remind you of just why you do this. It’s in the way your toddler smiles up at you and the perfection of a newborn head snuggled against your chest. It’s the tiny hands that hold you tight just so and the wild love with which your big kid explores her world.

It’s my honor to be a New Jersey family photographer serving families like yours across Hunterdon County and the surrounding central counties of New Jersey.

I know what your family calendar looks like Because, hey, I’ve got one too

but i also know this: 


“Anne did an amazing job taking our large family portraits. She masterfully balanced our two adult families while ensuring that gorgeous pictures were equally taken with both sets of families. Moreover, she was efficient at capturing the perfect pictures. The end results were beautiful and the prints made the perfect gifts for my parents and in-laws.”

—Val & Greg 

Little people, big emotions

And all of it is a-okay

I never expect your family to sit still and hold a pose. Instead, you have the freedom to move, explore and, most importantly, let your kids be kids! If tears happen—and they do sometimes—we can take a break, shift to something different, or capture that moment, too. One of my favorite images I’ve documented was of a beautiful Mama soothing her baby like only a Mama can. It was a special moment because it was so real. Now she can look back on that and see just how precious it is that her children look to her in those moments when they need her. 

Being chauffeur, referee, chef and butler, sometimes all at once
Snatching “me time” whenever you can, aka washing your face in peace
Not “vacationing” but “parenting in a new location”
Loving these little humans so fiercely and deeply it takes your breath away
Wanting these moments to last, yet your heart breaking just a little because you know they can’t

True to life photography for true moments.